Our Farm

We farm about 2,000 acres of both pasture and row crops. Our row crops include: wheat, milo, soybeans, alfalfa, and feed sorghum. We also put up hay for the cattle. We have a 150 head cow/calf operation. We calve both in the fall and the spring; what this means is part of our cows will have their calves in the fall, around October/November, and part of them will have them beginning in late January. We usually double crop our soybeans, so after some of the wheat is harvested in June, we will go back in and plant soybeans on that same ground and harvest them in October. My son is starting his own sheep herd; right now he has four ewes (female sheep). Two of them will have lambs, and he will take those lambs as his 4-H project to the fair this summer. The other two he took to the fair last summer, but they can’t have lambs until they’re a little older so, they’ll have their first lambs next year. He hopes to raise enough lambs so that he can sell them to other 4-H’ers; I hope he will share what he has learned with others when he gets older; he has been very fortunate that one family has taken him under their wing and showed him everything he knows about the project. We don’t have any other animals on the farm except our dog, Daisy. We would like to have a horse; maybe someday.

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