Wheat Worry

Matthew 6:34

This morning my husband seemed to be a little weary-eyed. I asked what was wrong. He responded, “I was up all night checking on the temperature”. We’ve had some abnormal temperatures in our area over the last few days, with temperatures dipping down into the low 20’s at night. When your a wheat farmer, this is not good. Our wheat has entered the jointed stage, shown below.


Picture showing wheat in the jointing stage.

Picture showing wheat in the jointing stage.


Any temperature below 24 degrees could cause the wheat to freeze, and thus die. We’re hoping that has not happened, but we won’t know for sure, just yet. Here’s a picture I took this morning in one of our fields.

Picture of wheat in our fields.

Picture of wheat in our fields.

We’ll check again in a few days. If if looks wilted, we’ll know it has been frozen. So the only thing we can do is trust in the Lord, for only he knows what will happen. So if you’re overwhelmed with the pressures of daily life, take time to pray, and let God handle your worries for you. Until next time, Blessings!



Heavy Heart

God says, ” I have loved you with a love that will last forever.  That is why I have continued showing you kindness.”  Jeremiah 31:3. 

This morning as I was going about the house doing my morning chores, I was pondering the words I heard yesterday during our church service.  ” Who doesn’t want to know they’re loved by God?”  This phrase is so true.  After seeing the tragic events unfold today in Boston, it makes my heart ache even more for those who have not yet experienced God’s love.  I know that I don’t always do the best job of sharing my faith with others, but I feel we, as Christians, must reach out.  Our country and world are counting on us.  So what do you say?  Let’s all try and do a better job of sharing God’s love!