About Me

I grew up on a hog farm in Central Indiana, graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Food Science, and spent a couple of years working in the meat industry as a Quality Assurance Inspector and Supervisor. Once I had left the farm, I realized I had missed it, and wanted to return. I then met my husband, Derek, a Kansas farmer, which brought me back to a farm, but not the type I was familiar with. I’ve embraced living in the Central Plains, and wouldn’t want it any other way.
We have two children, Keaton-11, and Allison-8, who help on the farm whenever possible. I have not always worked on the farm, but within the last two years, have taken a slightly more active role in the operation. The farm is now solely being operated by my husband; I have stepped in to help with the cattle, and will most likely help with harvest more often. I have not tackled the farm accounting, although I have attempted. I also substitute teach and stay busy running the kids to sports practices, dance, 4-H, and church activities. I volunteer in my church, serve as Vice President on our county Farm Bureau board, and also serve on our county fairboard.
I am a part of a group of women called CommonGround, a grassroots effort all about starting a conversation between women who grow food and the women who buy it. I’d be happy to answer your questions about food and farming!

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