The Agriculture Industry Will Be Effected By The Results Of Tomorrow’s Election


Tomorrow I will head to the polls to fulfill my civil duty to vote.  I have been doing my research particularly on the candidates running for governor.  None of the candidates have a strong stance on support of the agriculture industry.  However, there is one candidate in particular who has pledged to go after illegal immigrant workers.  The problem with this is many of these workers are employed in the agriculture industry.  They are employed by dairy farms, vegetable farms, feedlots, packing plants, and many other areas.  These businesses stand a strong chance of going out of business if they cannot find the workforce  they need.  Our agriculture industry is already hurting due to low commodity prices, a farm bill stall, and tariff turmoil/trade issues.  I feel there is another candidate who will be willing to work with both parties to get things done.  This is one of those elections where we must look past party lines and choose the candidate that will help our state prosper.  Make sure to put much thought into your vote!



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