Do You Think About The Safety Of Your Food?

I am getting ready to head to Charleston, South Carolina this week to attend the Commonground Shared Voices Conference.  I am very excited to meet women from all over the country who are sharing their message about the importance of agriculture.  I’ve been doing some thinking about how often I actually think about where my food comes from when I’m purchasing it myself.  I think as farmwives we know that we produce the food that the consumer buys, so we don’t think about the safety of our food.  We know that it is safe and wholesome.  I wish I could say that every consumer thought the way that we do, but that’s not the case.  In fact, just this last week I witnessed an example of why we need to educate consumers on how their food is produced.  We have a neighbor that wanted to purchase one of our steers to be processed at the local locker plant (where animals are processed into meat).  We thought he would want to see the steer before we took it into town, so that he could see that it was healthy and not diseased.  Guess what his first question was?  Will there be antibiotics in the meat from the steer?  We had to inform him that there would not, because we had not given this particular animal any antibiotic injections.  This proves that those that don’t understand farming practices are concerned about the safety of the food they eat.  I feel having experienced this situation on my own farm will help me tell the story and dispel the myth about the safety our food supply.  Remember when you’re in the grocery store the next time, farmers do care about the safety of the food you purchase!  Till next time, happy shopping!!!